Pre-Order Terms

Completing a paid pre-order will give you the exclusive right to purchase one Mobius Two production vehicle from the company's initial production run. Mobius Motors intends the initial production run to comprise 50 vehicles scheduled for completion by March 2015 and guarantees the unit sale price on these vehicles at 950,000 KES (excluding VAT). The following terms apply to this pre-order agreement:

  1. The customer will pay the remaining balance for the vehicle on/prior to finished vehicle delivery.
  2. The deposit is non-refundable if the customer terminates the agreement without purchasing the vehicle.
  3. Should the vehicle not be ready for delivery by March 2015 (except for in case of term 4) the customer may either a) maintain the right to purchase one Mobius production vehicle or b) receive a full refund on their deposit.
  4. Refunds will not be available should delivery of vehicle be delayed past the above date due to Acts of God (including fire, flood, or other natural disaster), civil unrest, acts of foreign enemies, terrorist activities, or port blockage in Kenya or supplier regions. In such an event Mobius will resume operations at the conclusion of the incident and a new delivery date will be set.